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   Scholastic Chess

Chess Day 8

Chess Day 8 attracted 31 chess players to compete on a cold Saturday morning. 15 players participated in a USCF-rated quads event, 12 more in un-rated quads and 4 other for free play. The biggest contingents of players were from Cheverus High, Marshwood High, Oxford Hills Community High, Lake Region High, Cape Elizabeth Middle and Windham Primary Schools.

Results for the rated Quads 1 through 4, winning trophies, were:
Quad 1: First, Kyung Te Oh (Cheverus); and a three-way tie for second between Nimrod Drizlikh (Scarborough), Matthew Colson (Kittery), and Scott Massidda (Marshwood).
Quad 2: First, Tom Renger (Cheverus); second, Zach Avery (Marshwood); third, Adam Davis (Lake Region); and fourth, Dan Montague (Marshwood).
Quad 3: First, Alan Shirfan (Cheverus); second, Will Morrison (Cheverus); third, Erwin Cusack (Marshwood); and fourth, Jimmy Haller (Cape Elizabeth Middle).
Quad 4: First, Ben Ferland (Lake Region); and a two-way tie for second between Peter Campbell (Cape Elizabeth Middle) and Dave Ewing (Cheverus).
Kyung Te Oh, Alan Shirfan and Ben Ferland all had 3-0 scores in the rated sections.

Results for the un-rated quads, winning ribbons, were:
Quad 5: First, Tom Cook (Oxford Hills); tying for second were Ed Hanscom (Marshwood) and Ivan Ivanov (Cheverus); and fourth, Tyler Anderson (Oxford Hills).
Quad 6: First, a three-way tie between Sean McDermott (Marshwood), Myles Wirth (Cheverus) and Chad Dion (Tripp MS); and fourth, Mike Martel (Leeds Central),
Quad 7: First, Nathan Johnson (Mabel I. Wilson); second, Garrich Rogers (Windham Primary); third, Briannah Roy (Windham Primary); and fourth, John Clark (Windham Primary).
Tom Cook and Nathan Johnson had 3-0 scores in the un-rated quads.

Event Organizer was Ron Lewis. Event TDs were Ron Lewis and Phillip Lowell. Hosting was Dan Lavalle and Cheverus High School. Look in the near future on the Maine Chess Association Website for details of Chess Day 9, early in May at Oxford Hills Community High School.

In the picture, Kyung Te Oh (yellow shirt), eventual winner of Quad 1, strolls over to see how his team-mate Alan Shirfan (playing white on the second board) in Quad 3 will convert his advantage against fellow Cheverus player Will Morrison. In the foreground, Jimmy Haller, playing black, tries to figure out how to deal with the multiple threats against his rook and the awesome passed a-pawn of Erwin Cusack of Marshwood.

March 5 and 19. Maine State Scholastic Tournaments, University of Maine, Orono.
March 5 Elementary (K-3 and K-6 divisions) and Junior High Teams; each with Championship and Novice Sections; all sections four rounds, G/45. Also High School Teams (Championship, Reserve and Novice Sections), all sections four rounds, G/60. Pre-registration required. March 19 - Individuals: HS (Championship and Under 1200 Sections); JHS (one section); and Elementary (K-3 and K-6 Sections). All sections four rounds and G/60. Pre-registration encouraged ($5 surcharge on-site registration). Side Event: adult USCF-rated and non-rated quads tournament, G/30, register on-site; no prizes, all net proceeds to benefit Maine scholastic chess. All scholastic event sections except Novice are USCF-rated. Non-USCF members can obtain memberships with entry. For information and entry forms for all events, contact Ron Lewis, evenings 207-781-3962 or e-mail at

SW Maine High School and Junior High Team Championships.
March 26, 2005. Cheverus High School, 267 Ocean Ave., Portland, Maine. Two sections, 4 rounds, G/60, not USCF-rated. 1) High School 5-person team match play. 2) Reserve section, Swiss format, includes overflow of high school teams, Junior High teams, and individual players; top three scores are the team score. Players on a team not paired if at all possible. Trophies to top teams and team members both sections and also to top individual performers in the reserve section. EF/$3 per player. PREREGISTRATION REQUIRED. Check in/adjustments 8-8:30AM, 1st round start 9AM. Information and entry forms: Ron Lewis, 189 Middle Road, Falmouth, ME 04105 ([H] 781-3962; e-mail; or information only, Dan Lavallee ([W]774-6238; [H] 428-3326;

Chess Day 7 Visits Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School
Twenty-four scholastic chess players turned out on a grey, rainy day to compete in the Chess Day 7 K-12 quads held at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School in South Paris. The tournament, the first held at this location, was hosted by Karl Otterson, OHCHS chess coach.

In the single USCF-rated section, home-schooler Matt Colson edged out fellow 8th grade York competitor, Jon Rousseau, to take the first place trophy with a score of 3-0. Jon took home the second place trophy, while 2nd grade home-schooler Haley Deluca-Lowell from Scarborough took third and Elijah Jensen of Lake Region HS, took fourth.

There were 5 non-USCF quad sections. In Quad 2, Adam Lantz of Edward Little High School took the first-place ribbon, with Kabe Micklon of OHCHS second, Zach Jensen of Lewiston HS third, and Matt Brodeur of ELHS, fourth. In Quad 3, which nearly saw a three-way tie for first, Eric Ferron, OHCHS, took first; Aaron Berube, ELHS, second; Maya Katzir, LHS, third; and Jason Rose, OHCHS, fourth. In Quad 4, Tom Cook, OHCHS, took first; Nay Aung, ELHS, second; Ben Berube, ELHS, third; and Anthony Skelton, LHS, fourth. In Quad 5, Luke Jensen, Lewiston Middle School, edged out Nick Babcock, LHS, for first; while 4th grader Kyle Jensen of the Rowe School tied with 3rd-grader Ben Hansel of Pond Cove School in Scarborough. In Quad 6, Thomas Robinson, 4th-grader from Pond Cove, took first; Matthew Fishbein, K from Pond Cove, took second; Katie Heald, 3rd grade from Longfellow Elementary in Portland took 3rd; and Jasper Hansel, from the Appletree School, Cape Elizabeth, took fourth. All the quad winners turned in 3-0 scores.

Ron Lewis, tournament organizer and director, hopes to hold 2 or 3 chess days for the 2004-05 school year. Watch the Maine Chess Association website ( for upcoming scholastic tournament dates and locations. Contact Ron at 781-3962 or for scholastic chess news or the possibility of hosting a Chess Day in your part of SW Maine.


Chess Day 6

Over 60 chess players from more than 23 schools and grades 1-12 gathered at Cheverus High School to participate in the sixth Chess Day. Twenty-one played in a USCF-rated tournament, while thirty-seven competed in an unrated tournament. About 8 others elected to play informally. The tournament format was primarily quads, where groups of four players engage in a mini-round robin, each playing three games.

Winners in the USCF-rated groups, winning trophies, were: Quad 1 � Kyong Te Oh (Cheverus); Quad 2- Alan Shirfan (Cheverus); Quad 3 � Matthew Colson (Kittery); Quad 4 � Jimmy Haller (Cape Elizabeth Middle School); and Section 5 � Haley Deluca Lowell (Scarborough).

Winners in the unrated groups, winning ribbons, were: Quad 6 � Ryan Tebbetts (Marshwood); Quad 7 � Zach Avery and Erwin Cusack (Marshwood); Quad 8 � Jimmy Manahan (NorthYarmouth Middle School); Quad 9 � Ryan McKenna (North Yarmouth Middle School) and Aaron Ricardi (Gray-New Gloucester Middle School); Quad 10 � Patrick Roy (Lewiston Middle School); Quad 11 � Lucas McCain (Yarmouth Middle School); Quad 12 � Scott Massidda (Marshwood); Quad 13 � Ian Mills (Windham Elementary); and Section 14 � Billy Gouin (Mabel Wilson School) and Matt Reale-Hatem (Wayneflete).

Cheverus High hosted the event for the third time, and Ron Lewis was the tournament organizer. The 60 plus players easily surpassed the previous high of 43. Ably assisting were Phil Lowell, Steve Morgan and Dan Lavallee as well as several other helping hands.

Chess Day 7 is tentatively set for Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School sometime in May. If you or your school would like to be added to the mailing list, contact Ron Lewis (, and watch for tournament announcement postings and mailings.


Maine State Individual Scholastic Championships
Nearly 100 enthusiastic chess players gathered at the University of Maine Memorial Union for the annual State of Maine Individual Chess Championships on Saturday. The event saw three new State scholastic champions crowned in the Elementary, Junior High and High School divisions.

In a new K-3 section, Drew Fahey of All Saints took first place with a perfect 4-0 score. Eric Babbit of Deer-Isle Stonington finished second with a score of 3-1. There were five players tied with scores of 2.5-1.5. These included: Anna Bryan of the Airline School, Hayden Ciomei and Sam Grindle of Deer-Isle Stonington, and Matt Saunders of St. John�s School, but home-schooler Haley DeLuca-Lowell took home the third place trophy on tie-breaks.

In the K-6 Championship section, last minute entry Keji Xu of Old Town took first place and the title of State Elementary Champion with a perfect score of 4-0. Six players had 3-1 scores. These included Evan Rollins, Nikolai Renedo, Andrew Babbit, and Avery Cole, but Calvin Alden of Cape Elizabeth took the second place trophy and Ian Pelletier, of Deer-Isle Stonington, the third place trophy, on tie-breaks.

In the Junior High section, which featured some long, competitive and excellent games, Fritz Eyerer of Reedsbrook became the new State Junior High Champion with a perfect 4-0 score. Max Winter of Orono took second with a score of 3.5-0.5. Tied for third place were Colin Ciomei and Emmett Harrity with 3-1 scores, but Colin was awarded the third-place trophy on tie-breaks.

In a new High School Under 900 (rating) section, Ryan Tipping-Spitz of Orono won the first-place trophy with a score of 3.5-0.5. Tied with 2.0 scores were Dan Kittridge and Brendan McClymer of Orono and Kris Fecteau of Wesbrook. On tie-breaks, Dan was awarded the second-place trophy, while Kris received the third-place trophy.

In the High School Championship section, a much anticipated final round match between the two top seeds, Vassil Kakaradov of the Maine School of Math and Science and defending champ Zening Chen of Orono, never took place because of an earlier round draw between Chen and Alex Kimball of Westbrook. Instead, it was a gripping contest between Cullen Edes of Orono and Kakaradov in the final round that drew a crowd of spectators as the championship game went down to the last few seconds, with Kakaradov prevailing. With the win to finish 4-0, Vassil became the new State of Maine High School Champion. Finishing with 3.5-0.5 scores were Zening Chen and Kevin Townsend, also of MSSM. On tiebreaks, Zening was awarded the second-place trophy and Kevin, the third-place trophy.

Tournament Directors for the day�s events were Phil Lowell, Lee Doucette and Ralph Townsend. Tournament Leader and organizer for this event was Ron Lewis, while Tom Sandford and Kathy Richards served as Assistant TDs and facilitators. Sponsors for the event included the University of Maine Department of Admissions and the Department of Engineering.


Third Annual Southwestern Maine High School Team Tournament
Eight schools turned out at Cheverus High School to compete in the 3rd annual Southwestern Maine High School Championship Division, while three other teams battled it out in the Reserve Section. In the match play Championship Division, Cheverus (4-0) retained its championship from the year before, but not without strong challenges from Portland and second place Westbrook (3-1). Tying for third place with two match wins were Portland, Lake Region and Winthrop. Also competing were teams from Marshwood, Kennebunk and Oxford Hills. Top performers on individual boards were: Board 1 � Colin Anderson, Portland, 4.0; Board 2 � Alan Shirfan, Cheverus, 4.0; Board 3 � Derek Zwywina � Westbrook, 4.0; Board 4- Kris Fecteau � Westbrook, 3.5; and Board 5 � Chris Romeo, Cheverus, 4.0. Trophies were awarded to the top two teams and also to the members of the winning team � Kyong Te Oh, Alan Shirfan, Will Morrison, Mike Persila and Chris Romeo.

In the Swiss-format Reserve Section, also open to Junior High School teams and HS and JHS individuals, Falmouth High took the 1st place HS team trophy with 8.5 points, while Cheverus, edging out Edward Little with 6.5 to 6.0 points, took the second place team trophy. Members of the winning team were: Nathan Lewis (4.0), Jason Carr (4.0), and Andrew Bixby (0.5). Individual trophies also went to Nathan Lewis and Jason Carr, the only players to score 4.0 in the event. Matthew Colson, an eighth grader from Kittery, was the only junior high player to compete this year, and turned in an impressive 3.0 score against all high school player competition, losing only in the third round to Nathan Lewis, a 1300-rated player. Matthew�s performance, finishing tied for third, earned him the top JH performer award as well as the respect of the other competitors in the section.

The tournament organizer was Ron Lewis and the tournament director was Lee Doucette. Contact Ron if you would like to have more information about this event for next year.