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This site was last updated on
January 23, 2018


   Maine Chess Player of the Year

The Maine Chess Player of the Year is an annual competition sponsored by the Maine Chess Association to promote US Chess Federation tournament play in Maine.

This annual competition began in 1991 which is based on accumulation of points for games played as well as individual game results during each calendar year. A player receives one point for each game played or forced bye, and a half point for each voluntary bye. In addition, one point is awarded for a win or forced bye, a half point for each draw or voluntary bye. Results for each tournament are recorded by the MCA.

Current USCF and Maine Chess Association (or home state association) membership is required for all MCPTY tournaments and can be obtained from the tournament director at tournament sites. Any player who participates in any MCPTY tournament is included in the competition. One dollar from each entry fee for all MCPTY tournaments is added to the annual prize fund which is distributed on a proportional basis after each year. Prize money for the top three finishers and a trophy for first place is presented at the first tournament of the following year.

All tournaments which are part of the MCPTY competition must be listed in the Tournament Life Announcements section of "Chess Life", the monthly publication of the US Chess Federation, and must be approved by the Maine Chess Association. Announcements should be sent to individuals and local chess clubs 4-6 weeks in advance of each tournament.


   2004 Chessplayer of the Year

The 2004 chessplayer of the year is Ralph Townsend, 2nd place is Kevin Townsend, 3rd place is Lee Doucette.


   Previous MCPTY Winners

2001 Ruben Babayan Portland
2000 Ruben Babayan Portland
1999 Jon Buxton West Gardiner
1998 Joe Wrba Kennebunk
1997 Ruben Babayan Portland
1996 Gary Mitchell Saco, Ruben Babayan Portland
1995 Michael Moore, Mt. Vernon
1994 Joe Robillard, Lewiston